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Contributors / Issue 29: Beyond Love

Published onDec 03, 2018
Contributors / Issue 29: Beyond Love

Laurel Ahnert is a lecturer in the School of Film, Media & Theatre at Georgia State University. She researches ethical questions raised by global documentary films and online media using phenomenology as her philosophical lens. Her work has appeared in journals such as Social Text and New Review of Film & Television Studies.

Tiffany E. Barber is a scholar, curator, and writer of twentieth and twenty-first century visual art, new media, and performance. Her work focuses on artists of the black diaspora working in the United States and the broader Atlantic world. She is Assistant Professor of Africana Studies at the University of Delaware.

Loren Britton is an artist and curator based in between Berlin, Germany and New York, USA. Britton’s work explores the transformation of form via linguistic devices. Britton’s work is in relationship to the non-binary body and seeks to reimagine the utopian possibilities of language. Britton has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions at Boston University, Boston, MA, USA; Scott Charmin Gallery, Houston, TX, USA; LTD Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA; Vanity Projects, Miami, FL, USA; Field Projects, New York, NY, USA; Knockdown Center, Queens, NY, USA; Pelham Arts Center, Pelham, NY, USA; Schwules Museum, Berlin, Germany; and Siena Arts Institute, Siena, Italy and numerous other arts institutions and projects. Britton has participated in residency programs at Eastside International, Los Angeles, USA and Studio Kura, Fukuoka, Japan and at Das Spectrum, Utrecht, Netherlands. Britton is one of the head curators of the Queering Space Collective that curates exhibitions and projects around questions of where queerness meets form. Britton holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting & Bachelor of Arts in Art History from State University of New York at Purchase College, USA and an MFA in Painting & Printmaking from the Yale School of Art at Yale University, USA. For more information about Britton’s work please visit:

Alexandra Halkias is a Professor at the Department of Sociology, Panteion University, Athens, Greece and author of The Empty Cradle of Democracy: Sex, abortion and nationalism in modern Greece (Duke 2004, Alexandria Press 2007) and Gendered Violences [in Greek] (Alexandria Press 2011). Also in Greek, she is co-editor of the book Social Body (Katarti-Dini 2005) and of a book on LGBT politics in Greece (Plethron Press 2012). Alexandra currently is using images as well as words to research the politics of sight as a way of contributing to the germination of relationalities that are critical and honed to disrupt patterns of power that are supremacist.

Susanne Kass is a conceptual artist working with themes of language and communication. At times she assumes the role of a guide or teacher, but mostly likes working as a spy who can bring unnoticed perspectives to light. She completed her Masters in Fine Arts/Conceptual Practices at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and holds a BA (photography) and MA in Arts and Entrepreneurship from Novia University of Applied Sciences in Jakobstad, Finland. She has performed and exhibited her works in Prague, London, Finland, Germany and Mexico City. She lives and works in Prague.

Moira O’Keeffe is from Cleveland, Ohio. She holds a Ph.D. in Communication from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, and she is an Associate Professor of Communication at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky. Moira teaches in the areas of communication theory and visual communication. Her research interests include portrayals of science in entertainment media and digital image manipulation.

Trish Nixon recently earned an MFA from the University of Kansas. They also hold a BFA in Photography (with an emphasis in Art History) from Memphis College of Art. They have performed their action, “Food and the Visceral Body” for Flesh Crisis at Arts Dojo (Kansas City) and at Last Frontier (Brooklyn). They also gave a presentation on their creative practice Body/ Pleasure/ Power: Locating Queerness Through Transgressive Self-Expression at the Transgender Spectrum Conference at Washington State University (St. Louis). Their first solo exhibition was held at Plenum Space (Kansas City). The artist plans to perform with Wildtorus at the upcoming Diverse Universe International Performance Festival. Within their studio practice, they investigate aspects of porn, gender, and sexuality. Currently, the artist is working on a creative initiative for local queer teens. The artist questions the normative framework relating to the body and sexual behavior by often times producing explicit gestures through various visual platforms.

Prerna Subramanian (she/her) is a PhD Candidate at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario. She previously studied in India with Master’s from IIT Gandhinagar in Society and Culture Studies and has a background in literature. Her research interests lie in the field of Cultural, Gender and Critical Theory. Her PhD work lies in the field of Transgender Studies, Cultural and Creative Industries and Social Cartographies. She likes reading and working in the field of gender and media studies, cultural studies, body studies and cultural geography.

Martin F. Wannam was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala in 1992. His work and research address the influences of religion in Latin American societies, emphasizing the effect of repression that has been created in the queer community. Wannam uses subjects and objects that he encounters through his friends, drifting, or tinder dates to deconstruct and disrupt religion by addressing issues of gender, sexuality, and race. The artist currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is pursuing an MFA in Art Studio in the area of Photography. Previous to coming to the United States, he received a BA in Graphic Design from the Universidad Rafael Landivar and a Diploma in contemporary photography from La Fototeca, both in Guatemala. Wannam’s work has been included in exhibitions in Fototropia, Festival Quinto Sol, Fototeca, the University of New Mexico Art Museum, and Rotterdam Photo 2018. His work has also been featured in queer magazines such as Reflection on the Burden of Men and La Fanzine. Wannam also received the SPE Student Award for Innovation in Imaging 2018 and Site Scholar in Site Santa Fe 2018-2019.

Beina Xu was born in Beijing and raised in the United States and is a visual anthropologist, writer, and filmmaker based in Berlin. Her work is predominantly concerned with the role of archival material within historiography and narrative construction, as well as memory and migration.

Divlja Kruška/Wild Pear Arts is an organization founded by Alesandra Tatić, Greta Rauleac and Zoe Aiano and based in Serbia that produces a variety of socially motivated artistic projects throughout the Balkans. In 2017, it produced the experimental documentary Imam pesmu da vam pevam/I Have a Song to Sing You as part of the London Short Film Festival’s “With Teeth” program for emerging filmmakers. The team is currently working on the feature documentary Flotacija, and is also planning to host a film festival on the theme of the on-screen representation of labour in the near future.

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