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Elçin Maraşlı: Controlled Denotations

Published onMar 29, 2014
Elçin Maraşlı: Controlled Denotations

Controlled Denotations: An archival conversation on the al-Mutanabbi Street car bombing in Iraq, March 5th, 2007

Note: The images below are thumbnails, in order to view the work in its entirely click on any of them to load the full PDF version. To see the text in the artwork separately, click here.



Elçin Maraşlı, born 20.01.1989, Istanbul, Turkey. As an interdisciplinary artist with interest in everyday life, travel, and social research, she hunts for existential moments that can bridge across seemingly distant cultures. After leaving her Istanbul hometown, she continued to study and work in Boston, Chicago, and Zürich between the years 2007-2013. Luck brought her next to Warsaw and she joined the Polish Academy of Social Sciences as a doctoral candidate as of September 2013. For the year 2014, she is working as the website coordinator for – the digital cultural platform of the 600th anniversary of Polish-Turkish relations.

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