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Distributed Spatial Practice, as Applied to the Art of Exhibition

Published onDec 01, 2007
Distributed Spatial Practice, as Applied to the Art of Exhibition

Note from editor:

Vince Dziekan’s unique piece experiments the dynamics of digital typesetting. For this reason, his article cannot be represented here without changes that would compromised the article, itself. Please download the pdf to read and view this piece.


Vince Dziekan is Senior Lecturer in Digital Imaging, and Deputy Head, Multimedia & Digital Art at Monash University in Melbourne , Australia . His current focus on curatorial design forms part of an ongoing interdisciplinary project negotiating the impact of digital technologies on curatorial practices and the implications of virtuality on the art of exhibition. Additionally, he is involved in current ARC (Australian Research Commission) projects with the SC::PE Photomedia Research Cluster at Monash University, and with The Omnium Project (University of New South Wales), including co-convening the Omnium Research Network. He has published in peer-reviewed journals, refereed conferences nationally and internationally, and recently delivered a keynote presentation at NODEM 06 Digital Interpretation in Art and Science Museums and Heritage Sites in Oslo , Norway. He can be reached at vince.dziekan[at]

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