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Dear Dawn

Published onDec 03, 2018
Dear Dawn

Featured image: Easter Queen, 11.5X13cm, 2017

Yeah the Freedom is Great. It’s Also Lonely and Boring Sometimes, Paper pulp, ink, 38.7X33cm, 2017

We, Paper pulp, ink, 8.5X9.75cm, 2017

preXpostX, Paper pulp, ink, 17X26.5cm, 2017

Are You, Paper pulp, ink, 19.25X14.5cm, 2017

Dear Dawn,

I hope this finds you well. I’m writing to tell you that I love you. We haven’t met yet but when you told me you loved me, in your personal ad. Where you told anyone who read it that you loved them. I wanted to write you back:

Dear Dawn,

I love you. That’s all.

Love, Loren

Ribbed Engagement, Paper pulp, ink, 81X46cm, 2018

Reading, Paper pulp, ink, 54.5X80cm, 2018









What are the stakes of transformation Dawn? How much will you reveal yourself to me, every morning?, since 1960? Its women like you that give me the strength to know that things will work out. You open the door for tic-tac-toe to be do be.

I wish I could hold your hand and we could look up at the sun together, warming our cheeks.

Ever Yours,

Won’t you please write?



Women Wimmin Womyn Wymin, Paper pulp, ink, 6.5X12.65cm, 2017

Empty to fill, Paper pulp, ink, 33X16cm, 2017

Eve, Paper pulp, ink, 10X23cm, 2017


Loren Britton is an artist and curator based in between Berlin, Germany and New York, USA. Britton’s work explores the transformation of form via linguistic devices. Britton’s work is in relationship to the non-binary body and seeks to reimagine the utopian possibilities of language. Britton has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions at Boston University, Boston, MA, USA; Scott Charmin Gallery, Houston, TX, USA; LTD Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA; Vanity Projects, Miami, FL, USA; Field Projects, New York, NY, USA; Knockdown Center, Queens, NY, USA; Pelham Arts Center, Pelham, NY, USA; Schwules Museum, Berlin, Germany; and Siena Arts Institute, Siena, Italy and numerous other arts institutions and projects. Britton has participated in residency programs at Eastside International, Los Angeles, USA and Studio Kura, Fukuoka, Japan and at Das Spectrum, Utrecht, Netherlands. Britton is one of the head curators of the Queering Space Collective that curates exhibitions and projects around questions of where queerness meets form. Britton holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting & Bachelor of Arts in Art History from State University of New York at Purchase College, USA and an MFA in Painting & Printmaking from the Yale School of Art at Yale University, USA. For more information about Britton’s work please visit:

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